Welcome to your favorite online fashion webshop! THE DEZZY FACTORY has been run by Deveny VW. since 2020.

The story of THE DEZZY FACTORY starts with a girl with a passion for fashion and entrepreneurship. Let me introduce myself, my name is Deveny and fashion is really my passion.

One day I asked myself a question, what if you are a customer and want to radiate luxury but for an affordable price? That’s where THE DEZZY FACTORY was born!

Every day i am busy with my team to buy the nicest, affordable, luxury-radiating items for you. Do you also love affordable luxury? Then you’ve come to the right place! Join the Dezzy team and become part of the Dezzy community. We therefore find it very important to follow the trends, while also setting our own trends. Dezzy babes are real trendsetters 😉

We strive for affordable luxury with a lot of diversity. In addition, we also launched our own label in 2021. Namely Dezzy’s glamorous eyes. Realistic colored contact lenses that can be worn for a year. The colored lenses have already landed in various media and have attracted a lot of attention. For example, THE DEZZY FACTORY has also been asked for the program ‘Lekker in je vel’ on RTL4 & Videoland.

Do you want advice for sizes or do you have other questions? You can always contact us via our Whatsapp service, mail and/or socials!


Dezzy & team

Dezzy in the MEDIA:

As you know THE DEZZY FACTORY can be seen in various media. For example, in 2022 we were asked to participate in the ‘Lekker in je vel’ program on RTL4 & Videoland.

In this we were allowed to tell more about the up-coming trend of colored lenses. See the video.

We have also been able to sponsor a Dutch singer for his third single. Called “Do you feel my desire.

The new CD single ‘Do you feel my desire’ has been available since June 8, 2022 and can be streamed on the well-known platforms. The clip, recorded by Karl Kaspers, will be shown on various television stations and YouTube/Spotify to promote the new single.

Bookings and info: www.roodhitblauw.nl

Made possible by:

Record company: Red-Hit-Blue – info@roodhitblauw.nl
RTV promotion: score promotions in collaboration with Rood-Hit-Blauw
THE DEZZY FACTORY info@thedezzyfactory.com


Since the launch of THE DEZZY FACTORY in 2020, things have gone very fast! THE DEZZY FACTORY became more and more famous and you could see many different influencers in our outfits.

Later after the launch of Dezzy’s glamour eyes in 2021, many famous people can also be seen wearing our colored lenses. Think of Sarah van Soelen (known influencer), Sylvia Geersen (Holland’s next top model) or Elize Kruuk (Oh oh cherso, reality program). And much more! Curious about a look at even more famous influencers with our items? Then take a look at this page.