User Manual

We strongly recommend that you follow all instructions from your ophthalmologist, in addition to all instructions described in this document and the instructions on the label of your lens care product. For your optimal safety, read and carefully follow the following instructions for wearing contact lenses:


These colored contact lenses are annual lenses that can be worn daily for 12 months (max) after opening the package.


Remove the lenses from their packaging, place them in your palm and soak them in a few drops of lens solution. Rinse each side of the lenses in a forward motion for 10 to 15 seconds before wearing them on your eyes.

Prepare a clean lens case in which to store your lenses after you remove them. Be sure to rinse the lens case with a similar multipurpose lens solution before storing your lenses. Fill both containers with fresh liquid to keep the lens hydrated while they are stored, and close the lids tightly. Repeat the above steps when you wear and store your contact lenses again.

How to wear a lens:
1. Check the correct and incorrect side of the lens.
2. Place the lens on the right second finger.
3. Open your eye wide by pulling the upper eyelid with the left middle finger and the lower eyelid with the right middle finger.

4. Gently place the lens on the pupil.
5. Gently close your eye to center the lens and gently touch the eyelid.

How to take off the lens:

1. Open your eye wide with your fingers.
2. Remove the lens by grasping the lens with the right thumb and second finger.

Comfort Advice

For any type of discomfort (i.e., pain, itching, irritation, burning, redness), remove your lenses, clean them well with a fresh new liquid, and make sure they are worn properly on your eyes again. If symptoms persist, we strongly recommend that you visit the nearest ophthalmologist for examination/advice.


Folded/loose lenses are not recommended for restoration. If you purchase a folded or detached lens, do not use the lenses but contact our customer service.

Dehydrated lenses should be discarded immediately. If you notice that the blisters on the lens have dried up and the lenses in them have become stiff, they should not be rehydrated to make them usable.


Never use saliva, homemade saline, and/or tap water to disinfect your lenses. After repairing your lenses, throw out the old liquid from the lens cases and replace it with fresh liquid to keep the lenses in.


When purchasing contact lenses, we strongly recommend that you check the product. Review the condition of the lenses to make sure you are getting the right color and/or strengths, good condition and properly hydrated contact lenses.

Do not use the lenses again in case of damage.